Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my piercings?

    We have the right products to take care of al your piercings. In our shop we use the easy piercing products to clean, disinfect and heal all types of piercings. When u buy a kit in the shop we also explain how to use it. You can also check the written explanation inside your kit or here on our website.

    Aftrecare kit
    How to use

    Do u also pierce kids?

      With our 40 years of experience we can assure u the best treatment for u and your kids. When u visit our shop u can choose between getting earrings by using the piercing gun or getting it pierced by needle. For smaller kids or scared adults we offer to place both sides at the same time by using 2 guns with 2 colleagues shooting at the same time wich makes for a quick and stressless piercingprocess. If u prefer geting pierced by needle that is also an option for kids if they are up for it. Not convinced yet? Watch our tiktok below showing u excatly how it works.


      My piercing looks infected. What do I do?

        When u have trouble healing your piercing we always recommend stopping by our shop and we will be happy to give u advice and help u heal your piercing. There’s a couple different things that can happen requiring different treatment methods. When we see your piercing we can asses the situation and determine what could be the issue. You could have some swelling making the bar too short wich can be fixed by switching to a longer bar. U could have a bumb wich can be fixed by putting silicone discs between the piercing and the bumb to put pressure and help release the fluid. These are just some examples of solutions, we offer these and more options in our shop. 

        How do I know wich size I need?

          The sizing system of piercings consists of 2 things: Thickness and lentgh of the jewelry. There’s 3 different thicknesses. 0.8mm being the smallest wich is used in our shop for nose piercings and lobes. 1.2 mm wich is the most used size for all earpiercings like helix, forward helix, conch, tragus, daith etc. 1.6mm is the largest size and is used for belly button piercing, nipple and tongue. The length of the bar is different for every piercing and is personal to your body. Sizes range from 4mm to 12mm for bars. Rings range from 5 tot 12mm in diameter.